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Oct 29, 2019

Court-side Moms comes live from Centre Court at Amway Centre, home of the Orlando Magic.  Today, host Wendy Sparks interviews Shelly Davis Gordon, mother of the Magic’s Aaron Gordon, along with Aaron’s sister, Elise Gordon who plays the important role of his brand manager and agent. Hear Shelly share stories of her “ball obsessed” child and how Aaron’s determination, grit and passion for the game led him to the NBA.   Shelly and Elise talk about their experiences in the world of professional sports and the emotional roller coaster of the highs of draft night and lows of career threatening injuries and everything in between.  We explore what this has meant for them and how their desire to give back has led to the establishment of the Gordon Family Giving Foundation and Aaron’s ultimate desire to run his own school based on the LeBron James “I Can” Academy.  As his agent, Elise talks about the challenges in filtering out the negative distractions which come with the star power of being a professional athlete.  As his “groupie blocker” she sees herself as his number one protector.   Stay tuned for this “Magic” moment!