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Mar 31, 2021

For over 17 years our guest today has been in the game and sitting courtside.  Stacy Adams Wright, mom of Dorell and Delon Wright, joins us to talk about her journey having two sons make it to the NBA. Starting with Dorell we hear how he was drafted right out of high school by the Miami Heat and Stacy talks about how she prepared him for the huge leap from high school to the Big Leagues and what life was like for him in the NBA and beyond. 

In parallel, we talk about Delon’s NBA experience, both draft nights and how different things were 11 years later when Delon was drafted by the Toronto Raptors.  Stacy talks about the relationship between the two brothers, the night they played on the court together, their competitive natures and her most memorable moments, including meeting Shaquille O’Neal.

We touch on the changes over the years, especially the acceptance of open conversations about mental health and sports, how they coped with being traded to many different teams, the impact of social media and how players and family manage the stress of championship games.  

Stacy never realized what an orange ball could do for her family. “It’s been a beautiful life”