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Dec 21, 2020

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Mary Turner, mom of Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers.

Entering his sixth season in the NBA, Mary shares Myles’ story from a young age playing YMCA ball to playing college ball at the University of Texas to draft night in 2015 where he was selected 11th overall by the Pacers and everything in between.

From his first NBA game to playing in the bubble in Orlando, Mary gives us insights into her experience as his mom.  She talks about everything it took to get him there and how it was worth it to see him fulfilling his dream.  Mary talks about how his success has impacted them, the importance of sticking together as a family, the value of keeping the circle small and how they have managed the many people who want a part of her son.  

Mary talks about how they have managed the pandemic over the last few months, Myles’ favorite foods, his childhood nickname and her tips and advice for other Court-Side Moms.