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Dec 10, 2019

Court-side Moms where host, Wendy Sparks, had the opportunity to talk with Charmaine Marcial, mother of Canadian born British Basketball League star Nick Lewis of the Sheffield Sharks.  At age seven his talent was obvious but Nick’s story is not the usual road to the NBA.  From the beginning, Nick’s dream has differed from many other young basketball talents.  Hear how he chose not to declare, walked away from the NCAA and decided to go pro at the young age of 19.  Charmaine talks about the struggles as a parent between wanting to support her son’s dream while wanting what was best for him and learning to trust his instincts as he chose to represent himself for most of his pro basketball career.  We hear about the unconventional path Nick has followed and what that has meant for him and his family, the thrill of seeing her child on the big stage and the pride that comes with it both on and off the court.  Wendy explores with Charmaine Nick’s aspirations which go beyond playing basketball and talks with her about the “Make It Work” organization, a mentorship program started by Nick, that “gives youth chances in life through the guidance of those who have faced similar circumstances”.   Join us to hear more about this exceptional young man and the woman who raised him.