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Nov 12, 2019

Court-side Moms, Wendy hosts Monica Baldwin, mother of Vanderbilt star and current EuroLeague guard Wade Baldwin IV.  Monica, a former FBI agent, shares her experiences and insights from the time Wade was a child playing at the local YMCA to NBA draft night - the emotion of seeing her son on the draft stage – waiting to see if and when he would get picked and the unbelievable moment when his name was called and he walked across the stage.  Wendy explores with Monica the wide range of emotions experienced from  the excitement of playing in the NBA, the disappointment of being sent down to the G League, being traded to three teams in two days and then released and the impact this has on an athlete’s psyche and self-worth.  Now playing in Greece, Monica shares her hopes and dreams for her son and his future in the NBA and beyond. “Everyone is wowed by the allure of fame and fortune” – hear how her son has stayed grounded and how they have negotiated the business of basketball while helping Wade find his place within it.  

Produced by Tidal League