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Oct 15, 2019

Leisa Washington, shares what it’s like to be a female agent in the male dominated world of professional basketball.  Leisa,  Canada’s first NBA/WNBA player agent talks about the adversity she faces and the fine line she walks, striving to be true to herself and prove she is an equal in a playing field dominated by men.  She shares her insights into what it takes to succeed in such an environment, the importance of authenticity and how the agency she serves as Vice President of, Serving Athletes with Integrity Sports Management, helps their clients reach their potential both on and off the court.    While Leisa entered into this journey to become a WNBA agent, because of her daughter Dakota’s talent on the court, she explores with host Wendy Sparks, how her goals have grown and evolved  and how she has become a champion for increased equality and equity for women in sports.