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Nov 26, 2019

Court-side Moms, host Wendy Sparks chats with Georgia Mitrou, mother of Canadian NBA star Naz Mitrou-Long who is on a two way contract with the Indiana Pacers. As a young boy playing basketball against boys twice his size, his parents saw his talent and gave Naz the opportunity to see what might happen.  What happened was a lifelong fascination with the sport and Georgia shares how this love of the game has guided his career.  Georgia talks about the power of college basketball and the fame and adoration that comes with playing in the NCAA. Going undrafted on draft night was exceptionally disappointing and we hear how her son handled it with grace and the determination to keep going and pursue his dream to make it to the NBA.  We also hear about Georgia’s other son, Elijah, who plays for University of Nevada, Las Vegas and how the competitive nature of the two brothers has inspired them to achieve great “heights” while always standing by one another.    Tune in to hear Wendy explore with Georgia how she has guided and supported her sons through this extraordinary journey. Fun fact – Naz and Elijah are two of ten siblings!

Produced by Tidal League