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Dec 1, 2021

Wendy welcomes Laker Mom, Shirley Horton to the show to hear all about the talents and the treasures of being Talen Horton-Tucker. Starting from a strong family with fierce family values, Shirley saw his talent and love for basketball really bloom from the time he was a toddler. As an HBCU Alumni, Shirley made sure Talen always knew the importance of education, and how sacrificing one for the other was never going to be an option. “Give it to God, write it down, but you have to work on it too.” This was a philosophy instilled in Talen from a very young age.

An opinionated, and loving parent - Shirley never forgets that she is Talen's mom first and he is always her first priority. Shirley makes a point that a lot of mom’s struggle with, and a lot of children don’t always appreciate, but she will be a mom forever, it doesn’t matter if her child is grown, it is still her responsibility to be there and to be a mentor, a champion and a sounding board for her child.

Knowing the role has, and will continue to, change as Talen goes through different stages in his career and life, means her role as mom needs to change and look different, but doesn’t mean forgetting her responsibility.

Lots of great lessons to be learned, and information for our sports moms out there, make sure you tune in to this inspiring and informative episode.